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Pre Bonded Foxy Hair Extensions

Here at Bailey Jacobs we pride ourselves on fitting the finest quality hair using the safest techniques available. We take a holistic approach towards hair extensions considering our customers well being, personal needs and limitations in order to create the desired image while safeguarding the customers own hair and scalp. Our bespoke service means hair extensions can be fitted for length, volume or both. The hair can be fitted to different lengths while incorporating different strand sizes and colour blending to create the desired image. We consider ourselves to be an “ongoing” service whereby we are on hand to maintain, remove and refit hair extensions in addition to resolving any problems the customer may have during the lifetime of their hair extensions.


Hair Extensions

Indian AAAA

Russian/Mongolian AAAAAA

Volume Only 16″ £185
Volume Only 20″ £195  £235
Lengthening for Fine Hair 16″ £230  –
Lengthening for Fine Hair 20″ £245 £325
Lengthening for Medium Hair 16″ £275  –
Lengthening for Medium Hair 20″ £295 £415
Lengthening for Thick or Short Hair 16″ £330  –
Lengthening for Thick or Short Hair 20″ £350 £510
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